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    and this is my life, in pictures!

  • My Awesome Siblings (Marie & Frank)

    Taken: March 12, 2017

    Marie is a sophomore at Penn State University (main campus)

    Frank is a junior at St. Elizabeth's High School in Wilmington, DE

  • 2016 Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon
    Philadelphia, PA

    Taken: September 18, 2016

    Philadelphia's City Hall is shown in the background

  • Point Dume (South View from the PCH)
    Malibu, CA

    Taken: November 4, 2016
  • Prague Castle, from the Charles Bridge
    Looking across the Vltava River - Prague, Czech Republic

    Taken: July 31, 2016
  • East River
    New York, NY

    Taken: June 11, 2016
    With my friends Jen (far left), Marc, & Dan (far right)
  • Sandstone Peak
    Highest point of the Santa MOnica Mountain Range - Malibu, CA

    Taken: September 17, 2015
    With my friends Matt (top left), Bo (top center), & Nate (top right)
  • North Shore
    Montauk, NY

    Taken: July 25, 2015
  • The Port of Palermo & Southern Tyrrhenian Sea
    From the Peak of Monte Pellegrino - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

    Taken: April 6, 2015

    Fun fact: My mother was born Here!

  • Mission Hills Country Club
    Rancho Mirage, California

    Taken: March 7, 2014
  • The Patio
    Archmere Academy

    Taken: July 11, 2013
  • Notre Dame Stadium
    Notre Dame 13 - Michigan 6

    Taken: September 17, 2012
  • Lower Manhattan

    Taken from the Staten Island Ferry on September 19, 2014
  • Yankee Stadium

    In one of Derek Jeter's final home games, #2 went 2-5 from the plate including an RBI double and a run scored, however, the Yankees fell to the Blue Jays 6-3. Taken on September 20, 2014
    Disclaimer: I am by no means a Yankees fan (Go Phillies!), but my respect for Derek Jeter as one of the most influential athletes of our generation compelled me to visit Yankee Stadium for the first time and see him play. Someday, I will proudly tell my children I saw one of the best Yankees of all time play just before he retired.
  • There's me on the left!

    With two of my best friends - Matt & Jimmy
    Notre Dame Football Tailgate
    Taken: September 17, 2012
    Disclaimer: I didn't take this picture,
    but it's one of my favorite anyway
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